Underground.BrooklynZone.com wishes not to offend.



This page leads you to a page with the exact lyrics from selected songs.
These lyrics contain words and phrases that are considered to be "profane" by some,
although for very many in Brooklyn they are simply part of the dialect.
It is realized that some may be offended by this, or by certain mild explicitness, or by criticism of religion or other parts of society.
Please, we don't wish to offend, and you are hereby made aware that you must avoid the lyrics page if you suspect or know either that you will be offended or that this is wrong or harmful for you (because of your faith or parents or whatever).  If so, you may go back.

I hereby affirm that I believe I will not be offended or harmed by the lyrics,
and I affirm that I will not take offense from whatever I find.