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World Trade Center WTC at night. The World Trade Center tragedy on September 11 9/11/01 and its aftermath present many reasons for great concern.
Info Links
on Life in the Aftermath of September 11
RAI News in Italy shows images of our Pentagon-admitted use of the chemical weapon white phosphorus in urban Iraq, images mostly of civilians. This must not be viewed by sensitive individuals.  The images may be extremely disturbing. Chemical Attack of an Iraqi City. The U.S. government has admitted Iraq presented no threat to us, and did no harm to us.

FREE DOCUMENTARIES that are incredible and vital to see, about our society, history and nation :

- about the 2007-08 economic crash:

Inside Job, the 2010 Oscar winner which is excellent at explaining the ways Wall St. created the crisis and actually made money from others' misfortune. Covering much more, it's a must to learn about this key crisis period.

- about our money system and its history:

The Money Masters, the expansive documentary dealing with the historical elements of our economy and monetary system: original moneylenders, The Fed and its origin, central banks and much more.

An excellent supplement to the above is Money As Debt, which really helps in understanding banking and its role in the relationship between the entirety of the money supply and debts. This and "The Money Masters" above tackle many terribly important subjects involving the creation, lending and manipulative use of money.

Money As Debt 2

Money As Debt 3

A top pioneer in the science of linguistics, working at MIT for decades, Noam Chomsky was called by the N.Y. Times "arguably the most important intellectual alive". His work with history and policy studies is remarkable, as you may find.

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan testify before Congress about what they witnessed and did.  Extremely important and powerful video:
Winter Soldier on The Hill,
Additional Winter Soldier testimony of veterans is available.

The Guardian

Iraq Veterans Against The War

TV News

Unknown News-
"News that's not known, or not known enough."

Editor And Publisher-
oldest U.S. journal covering the newspaper industry

Pacifica Public Radio, archival source of media looking more critically at recent government.

Nat. Security Whistle Blowers Coalition

Underground Hardcore Rock, Metal & Ska Music
some best bands; musical aspects; Recruitment: why you might like this music !; public message forum; enter

Jazz At Sunset
A view into jazz by OMC

Shared Stories

  It's a place where anyone with a decent story they care about may tell it to others.  You may send in your story to share.  You may respond to a story with one of your own.

Catherine's WWII-Era Upper West Side Story

...and in response:
Emilie's Apple Picking Story

   Reading the first story in this column made me think about World War II and something I did then that I had never done before.  I picked apples.

   During the early forties I was living in Manhattan and studying at the Art Student's League.  Every year or so I would return to Massachusetts to visit my family and paint outdoors.  One August I took along a friend and we had been there only a few days when my mother said,
   "There's an ad in the papers for applepickers.  Men are scarce; why don't you two sign up?"
   So we did.

   Most of the young men in that area were either in the army or working in the Springfield munitions factories, so the four of us who answered the ad were two sisters, my friend, and I.  The orchard was several miles away but the owner sent a truck to pick us up and drop us off.

   The driver of the truck was the hired man.  He managed the picking and a better boss I've never had.  He loved the apple trees and he loved to work.  He told us that the owner had inherited the older part of the orchard from his father; here the trees were tall and needed ladders.  The apples were comparatively small.  The newer part had been planted by him twenty-one years before, when his son was born, and was bearing fruit for the first time -- big, beautiful #1 McIntoshes.  Around the edges of these fields he was doing experiments; like crossing types to make a new eating apple or seeing if he could raise a type that wasn't usually grown in New England.  One of the latter clearly showed his loving care -- it was trimmed beautifully and had a bountiful crop of light green apples with really pink cheeks.  I can still see it on the hillside -- like something out of fairyland.

   Every day began with the hired man's challenge,
   "So how many will it be today? Can we do two bags more than yesterday?"

   Since the two sisters liked eating Delicious apples, that's what they picked.  My friend and I liked McIntoshes and greenings and we were allowed to pick one of the young trees.  We all had to learn to pick by grasping the apple in one hand, and turning the hand around 90 degrees so that the fruit snapped loose without losing its stem.  Without a stem an apple can begin to rot after it's been in storage for a while.

   At noon we sat on a grassy spot somewhere and ate our bag bunches and watched the orchard cat sitting on a stump, looking around for mice.  (Mice damage young trees by chewing away the bark at the base of their trunks.) Sometimes if he could talk to me alone, the hired man would ask me to explain about women.  He was courting someone and didn't always understand her moods.  I guess he trusted me because I could carry my own 12 foot ladder.

   Often in the evening when we were going home the big orange autumn moon would be rising and everything would be smelling good.  But one night our euphoria was suddenly broken when the truck swerved violently from our lane to the other side of the street, banging us all together against its metal sides and each other.  When we untangled ourselves one of the sisters yelled,
   "Hey, man, what are you doing?"
   And the hired man yelled back,
   "I just can't stand to hit a cat"

   By early November all the apples were picked that were being sold retail or sent to the storage warehouse.  "Now," said our boss, "It's cider and pig apples off the ground." And with those words he brought us to our knees.  Eight or nine hours a day of standing, bending, and reaching did us in.  We fell asleep before we could fall into bed, we fell asleep during supper, we fell asleep before supper.

   And my mother just laughed.  She grew up on a farm in Canada and knew how we felt.  She also knew that what we would remember from this job was not the grueling groundwork but the joy of being on a ladder in a tall tree of beautiful apples on a blue and gold day in October.

        Emilie, 85
        Brooklyn, N.Y.




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