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  where you don't have to be from Brooklyn to hang !  
We have places for culture, ideas, experiences and life issues to be shared.  Having a perspective that keeps in mind the reality of the many different ideas, cultures, beliefs and expressions that exist is like living in Brooklyn, which embodies that reality with its many different ideas, cultures, etc.  One of the great riches within Brooklyn, the Americas and the world is human diversity.            
international Jazz and Bebop;  issues and problems, individual and social;  life experience and wisdom gained from it;  underground music;  a cosmopolitan view;  use of the word "yo"

World Trade Center WTC at night. The World Trade Center tragedy on September 11 9/11/01 and its aftermath presented many reasons for great concern. the current state of government
News and Info Sources
truth amid propaganda and fake news

The Intercept  -  their YouTube channel
Seasoned investigative journalists with scathing, hard core reports on things national and international

Democracy Now  -  their YouTube channel
Long time independent news program with dogged world reporting from a clear moral base

The Real News  -  their YouTube channel
Passionate independent team with cutting coverage of the most key issues, including excellent interviews

A top pioneer in the science of linguistics, and a globally reknown scholar of history and policy, having worked at MIT for decades, Noam Chomsky was called by the N.Y. Times "arguably the most important intellectual alive". His work is deep, detailed and astonishing, as you may find in YouTube.

RT News'  YouTube channel
RT has various American contributors of great merit and experience, such as Larry King, Jesse Ventura, Chris Hedges and before, Mike Papantonio. Multiple contributors have asserted strongly that RT is either the only or one of the only networks that lets them present the material they wish, and say what they want to say, without seeking to change anything. Some of RT's guests are excellent, and RT makes a noticable effort to present different sides. One can choose the shows or hosts they feel are worth it, of course.

The Guardian
Longstanding British newspaper with powerful reporting

Pacifica Public Radio: in particular, WBAI 99.5FM in N.Y.C., archival source of media looking more critically at recent government.

Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan testify before Congress about what they witnessed and did.  Extremely important and powerful video:
Winter Soldier on The Hill

Jazz At Sunset
A view into jazz by OMC

Underground Hardcore Rock, Metal & Ska Music
some best bands; musical aspects; Recruitment: why you might like this music !; public message forum; enter




Whether you're fans of WBAI radio,
or you appreciate serious public radio,
or you care about vital information not handled by commercial media,
please seriously consider donating to WBAI.ORG
They are located in The Brooklyn Commons near downtown Brooklyn.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church - Bay Ridge
440 Ovington Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11209

Every Sunday at 10:30 we welcome all those seeking a place of support, comfort, community and worship. Our ministries include the Bay Ridge Community Service Center, the Lutheran Elementary School, AA, Emergency Food Pantry, Boy Scouts, Youth Organization, and Sunday School. All are welcome here.

We cannot always announce every bulletin.

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